what is wellness coaching? 

Wellness coaching is a tool for helping people to achieve optimal levels of health, happiness and well-being, based on individual goals, values and beliefs. By paying attention to what matters most, wellness coaches help clients connect the dots between their core values and their stated health and wellness goals. By focusing on core values and strengths, coaches and clients work collaboratively to develop a personalized wellness vision that is achieved through incremental steps towards success.

Research has shown that one-on-one coaching is the most effective way to achieve long-lasting results, when developing new life skills. The process of co-creation, brainstorming, effective problem solving and accountability are all important steps in the coach-client relationship, therefore goals and obstacles to achieving one’s optimal state of health and wellness are addressed in each session.  

Wellness coaches work closely with clients to develop short term and long term goals built on personal responsibility, reflection and readiness for change. Individual weekly goals are regarded as "experiments" towards success and are honed and modified in order to achieve optimum results. Coaching has shown to be most effective when clients come to the relationship ready for change and motivated to take action.

how is coaching different from therapy?

While both coaching and therapy are intended to move you forward towards a more balanced and healthy life, their methodologies and philosophies can differ significantly. Traditional talk therapy typically lasts months or years and change often occurs slowly and gradually. In contrast, with Coaching, concrete behavioral change often occurs within the first 1-3 sessions and lasting positive change occurs within 3 months.

Traditional therapy typically focuses on healing emotional traumas and mental health conditions, while wellness coaching identifies larger visions and goals for optimal whole living. Research has shown that success breeds success, therefore wellness coaching focuses on setting weekly goals, allowing you to experience immediate success on the road toward your larger Wellness Vision. 

What is wellness?

Wellness is a way of life designed to achieve optimum levels of physical, social and emotional functioning. A total approach to wellness includes assessing strengths and goals in each of the following domains: Life Functioning, Energy/Sleep, Mental and Emotional Satisfaction, Exercise, Nutrition, Health, Spirituality, Financial Health and Career Satisfaction. The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as a "conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential in which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence." 


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