This is IT

Most of us have dreams, ambitions and things we are planning to do. And most of us never do them. We have goals about being healthier in our bodies, more present for our families, happier in our relationships and more settled with satisfying careers. We promise ourselves that we will prioritize these goals and yet, somehow, the months and years pass by without us ever taking action. Before we know it, we are looking in the rear-view mirror of our lives, wondering where we took that wrong turn.

We all have dreams that we plan to get to, someday. But THIS IS IT. There is no "someday." There is only now. Every day that we put off following our dreams is one day less that we have to live them.

There are so many seemingly valid reasons to put off living the lives of our best selves. Our routines, habits and responsibilities loom large against the blank slate of our dreams. Our brains are conditioned to return to the comfort of habit, to think the way we have always thought and to do the things we have always done. Changing our brains and our habits takes a great deal of effort, and for most of us, exhausted by the daily demands of our lives, we want to work less, not more.

Still, we owe it to ourselves, to our families and to our communities, to wake up to the urgency that is our lives. We cannot assume that the opportunities of which we dream will wait for us, as we sit back idly waiting for the right time to take action.

Without courage and action, we stand to look back at our days and wonder whose life we've lived, if not our own. This is our one and only life. There are no do-overs. And the longer we wait, the less time we have to live our greatest dreams.

So, this is IT. The time is now. Let the journey begin.